Welcome to the personal website of Teije Hidde Donker. I am an academic that works at the intersections of political sociology, sociology of religion and Middle East area studies.

In my current research I use a relational approach to explore how Islam shapes society and politics in Tunisia and Syria. I map the different ways in which people see religion in relation to the state, politics, society, public and private life. I examine how these different social designations of the ‘remit of Islam’ relate to the structural position of religion in these two cases. In other words: I examine the influence of Islam not related through its internal content (as implied in much of contemporary scholarship on ‘islamism’) but to how people define the scope of its social and political relevance. For more information about my research, please see the research section.

I completed my Msc at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), my Phd at the European University Institute in Florence (Italy), held a three year postdoc position at the department of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen (Norway) and am currently a lecturer at the department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge (UK). For more information, see my CV and publications.

Apart from this website, I am also on linkedin, academia.edu and ResearchGate. All pictures on the website are my own. They were taken in Damascus, Aleppo, Florence, Istanbul and Tunis.

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